2018 Begins

So ! Sew Magick got off to it’s “official” start in 2017, right? Well, suddenly it is 2018 and I am so very excited to get all the fun things I am creating listed up on the site. There is a lot of cleaning house going on in my products filters as I am going through and fine tuning all the listings. I am going to do better at keeping up with that this year and I am tracking my inventory a LOT better.

Most the of the time in the last year I haven’t even gotten the best of what I am making onto the actual site. I’m working hard to change that! I am making an active effort to update the shop page here. Being a bit of a procrastinator, we’ll see if I can keep it up!

Just before Christmas 2017 I loaded up the Etsy store with the super cute hedgehog plushies I have been making. You’ll be seeing other items from the shop pop up over on there as well. Have you seen my plushies yet? They are suuuuper cute.

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