The ‘magic’ of Sew Magick

This online shop is not just a place for one particular thing. Sew Magick is an eclectic boutique that offers different types of sewn crafts, jewelry, and even art. The catalog of products will always be changing. As most things are made by hand, love goes in to every thing listed for sale here. Whether it is a custom piece embroidered with a name or a simple fleece cuddle bag for your small pet. Enjoy the shop! Make suggestions! We cannot wait to hear from you!

Behind the curtain

April is the mastermind behind Sew Magick. She is a lover of all animals (some from afar, spiders, eeek), technology, sewing, crafting, and books. April has a big heart, a quick wit and a twisted sense of humor. Together with her partner Jason, she sets out to conquer every mountain in her path.

Sew Magick would NOT be possible without the network of amazing women that stand behind April, pushing the limits of all of their creativity. And perhaps sanity. Just remember, if you see a seamripper, it’s not a good time.


I’m crying thinking of how much my business has grown. I’m so grateful. #fulltimemaker #crafty #sewist #embroidery #toymaker #etsyseller #adhd

♬ This to this – <3

The Hedgie Herd

Hedgehogs started the obsession with sewing. A machine and the basics were bought in 2011 after making a few things by hand. After that, it has been one adventure after another to learn how to do all of the fun crafty things. As the love for sewing has grown, so has the love of hedgehogs. Please drop by and see the herd on social media.