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Handmade with Love

Our toys are not only loved by exotic pets, but also by their human companions.

Welcome To Sew Magick

As a woman owned small business, we are passionate about creating unique and high-quality handmade toys for exotic pets, including but not limited to hedgehogs, ferrets, cats, and dogs. We offer many customizable options for every product.

Meet the Maker

Hi, I’m April. At Sew Magick, I take pride in creating high-quality, handmade products for all your cherished pets. Our handmade toys also make perfect gifts for the pet lovers in your life. I strive to make every customer’s experience a five star one.

Our Love and Care Philosophy

At Sew Magick, we believe in spreading love and happiness through our products. Our handmade toys for exotic pets, hedgehogs, ferrets, cat toys and dog toys are made with the utmost love and care. We spread positivity through our online presence as part of our journey in our social media outlets.

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Browse through our wide range of handmade toys for exotic pets, hedgehogs, ferrets, cats, and dogs!

Toys for Exotic Pets

Our handmade toys are specifically designed for exotic pets. Custom orders are encouraged, we love creating new things.

Toys for Hedgehogs

Make playtime more magical with our handmade toys for hedgehogs. Each toy is crafted with love and care.

Toys for Cats and Dogs

We don’t forget about our feline and canine friends! Every furry friend deserves a touch of magic in their play time.

Ready to spoil yourself, pets and support a small business?

Every purchase supports my dreams! With each toy, stuffed animal, cuddle bag and soft hidey house you bring home, you’re not just giving your hedgehog comfort—you’re helping me chase my dreams! Thank you for being a part of this magical journey.

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