2021 Updates

Hey everybody!

I know I keep saying I will do more than one post a year, but it’s definitely a struggle. When you run your own business you just wear a lot of different job titles! It’s 7 months in to 2021 and my oh my what a ride it’s been. Our shop page here now nearly mirrors the Etsy shop. I’ve been busy creating. As you can see by the clips from my social media updates below this post. If you are not following me on Facebook or Instagram, please do! I share often.

The only real change I suppose is that I am doing more on TikTok with live streams and fun videos. I’m not good at it but I do try. And that’s really it on the updates! I’m here. I’m making the things. I appreciate every last one of you for your support in my business!

April of Sew Magick

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