2020 is half over

Hey y’all!

This year has truly been a bit of a cluster, yeah? We’re almost done! Nearly 10 months in and I couldn’t help but try to update this a bit.

So much has changed!! I’ve added all sorts of new hedgehog toys, new embroidery machines to my craft cave. Just all sorts of change, change, change. A lot of my items are now selling over in my Etsy shop, SewMagickBoutique. That started really ramping up the beginning of the year. I started with about 20 sales, now it’s over 2,000. I can not believe it. I am absolutely beyond grateful for all the love and support.

I’ll spare you the 2020 speech because we’re all dealing with this together.

Keep an eye out for all the cool things!

April of Sew Magick

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